Insomniac Games
Animator (March 2018 - Present)
• Part of Mission Cinematics team on Spider-man (PS4)
• Create hand key animation for long cinematic sequences (Climbing, swinging, fighting, grappling)
• Integrated animation sequences to proprietary game engine and set up blends back to gameplay
• Mocap animation cleanup
• Animation cleanup/polish for quick time events and smaller cinematic sequences

Skydance Interactive
Animator (August 2016- Present)
• Helped further develop the style and tone of the animation for PWND (PC) and unannounced VR title
• Created unique rigging systems to accommodate multiple characters of different sizes and body types
• Animated 3rd person and 1st person animations across six unique characters. Characters listed:
• Robots, Mutant, Ninja, Engineer, Mall Cop, Wrestler
• Animated over 150 animations across six characters that included:
• Sprinting, jumping, flying, strafing, landing, attacking, and crawling

Competition Interactive of Steelman Partners
Lead Artist/Animator (April 2013- August 2016)
• Animated characters, items, and props for cabinet style racing game- Running Rich Racing
• Rigged characters and vehicles, general game design, & project coordination
• Assisted with VFX, modeling, and lighting

Inviro Studios of Steelman Partners
3D Artist (August 2010- March 2013)
•Rigging and animation, general 3D

American Bio Engineers (October 2012 – January 2016)
Animator/3D Artist

General 3D & accident re-creation in 3ds Max

Anne Johnson Architecture (August 2010 – January 2011)
3D Modeler

Architectural pre-visualization- Modeling, lighting, and rendering in Maya

Animation Mentor (March 2016- September 2016) -AM Peer Buddy Volunteer (March 2017 - July 2017)
CTN Animation Expo Workshops (2013-2015)
The Art Institute of Las Vegas (2006 – 2010)
Bachelor of Science : Media Art & Animation

Maya       3ds Max       UE4       Unity       After Effects       Photoshop       Premiere